For products from shortcrust pastry

  • Suitable for making shortbread dough
  • Produces a well-homogenized emulsion that prevents the dough from dragging on
  • Provides easy depositing and  shaping of dough
  • Has a high whipping ability, which allows you to get a fluffy, airy mass, giving volume to the dough
  • Increases the shelf life of finished products

Thanks to GRANDPRO Tart margarine, the texture of your finished product will be melting, crumbly. The ideal shape and structure of the cookie is provided by a fluffy, air-saturated dough.

Mass fraction of fat 82%.
refined deodorized vegetable oils (including modified ones), drinking water, emulsifiers (E471, E475, E433, soy lecithin), edible salt (not more than 1%), flavoring agent, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, concentrate of a mixture of tocopherols; acidity regulator citric acid, dye E160a. Nutritional value per 100 g of product: fats — 82 g. Energy value (calorie content) in 100 g of product — 3030 kJ/740 kcal

The cost for 1 kg of margarine is from 200 rubles, excluding delivery, the minimum order is 1 package (10 kg).

Vendor code: 338210

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