GRANDPRO production

RUSAGRO MASLO is the Fat and Oil Division of RUSAGRO Group, one of the largest agricultural holding companies in Russia. RUSAGRO performs all the manufacturing operations from field to ready-to-use products caring out safe quality control at every stage. It is the leading margarine manufacture in our country.

Along with well-known consumer goods, RUSAGRO produces modern ingredients for industrial food production, medium and small businesses.

Saratov Fat Plant is the main platform implementing RUSAGRO MASLO innovations. This is the place where we produce the line of GRANDPRO professional margarines.

The plant established in 1953 is located in Saratov — the administrative center of the Saratov region leading in sunflower harvesting in Russia. Nowadays, due to the modernization carried out by RUSAGRO, Saratov Fat Plant is a major modern manufacture producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Watch how GRANDPRO is made