GRANDPRO experts

Natalya Efimova
Head of Product Promotion Department, RUSAGRO Maslo
We turn innovative technologies for the production of GRANDPRO margarines into new opportunities for the realization of your ideas
Svetlana Pyataeva
Specialized Margarine Development Manager, RUSAGRO Maslo
Advanced technologies and new tools, as well as the best products and ingredients, help you create and achieve more. And our GRANDPRO margarines guarantee the confectioner stability in the process of creativity and enjoyment of the result.
Tamara Dudu
Confectionery Development Manager, RUSAGRO Maslo
GRANDPRO margarines are products for those who appreciate guaranteed quality: they are created with love, with a “margin of safety” in terms of functionality, with verified organoleptics, which preserve and tactfully emphasize the main taste of any confectionery product
Anna Vanchikova
Sales support technologist, RUSAGRO Oil company
GRANDPRO is a premium margarine specially designed for haute cuisine professionals. It is ideal for classic dishes, as well as for vegan and healthy lifestyle menus, and helps to solve the most ambitious culinary tasks, create masterpieces