Inspired to create and improve!

Like butter, only better: creamy, highly ductile, stable
and provide benchmark results.


GRANDPRO Margarines — innovative and high-tech plant product. Suitable for creating both classic dishes and vegan and healthy menus.

We took care that any confectionery product with GRANDPRO gets the required properties, which is why we created four different products:


For all types of pastry products


For products from shortcrust pastry


For creams and confectionery fillings


For all types of puff pastry products

*The price does not include delivery, the minimum order is 1 pack (10 kg).



RUSAGRO Group of Companies — one of largest vertical agricultural holdings in Russia. Oil and fat business direction "RUSAGRO" produces not only consumer products, but and ingredients for industrial food production.

In addition, the masters of the RUSAGRO Group of Companies developed a unique collection of premium margarines for the HoReCa — for haute cuisine professionals. Margarines GRANDPRO — this is the result of hard work, expressed in a perfect product! GRANDPRO was created for your inspiration!


Marina Romanova
Pastry chef of Rosemary Cake brand, Novokuznetsk
«To be honest, I did not expect this from margarine! Shortbread dough products with GRANDPRO are tender and crumbly, and puff pastry is airy and crispy. In terms of taste, everything is excellent. In creams, GRANDPRO Cream gives a wonderful creamy taste. No foreign taste or smell. I noted for myself and recommend to my students GRANDPRO as an excellent basis for author's and lactose-free desserts. I am sincerely glad that such a product appeared in the confectionery industry!»
Dmitry Yurasov
Confectioner at Wine & Crab restaurant, Moscow
«I was delighted to test the GRANDPRO premium margarine line, a truly unique product that has never been seen before on the market. I can say with confidence: this margarine is in no way inferior in quality to butter, and in some moments even surpasses it. For example, it contains no fats of animal origin, which is important for vegetarians and for those who fast. I recommend GRANDPRO to my fellow confectioners as a technologically advanced functional product for creativity!»
Victoria Muravieva
Confectioner at Organic Origin gastromarket, St. Petersburg
«My acquaintance with the innovative GRANDPRO line began with GRANDPRO Cake. I made cakes with it according to a recipe in which I used vegetable oil before. I liked the result: the cakes after baking turned out to be more tender, elastic. I add the same margarine to caramel. By its properties, it is completely identical to butter, caramel does not delaminate, remains very smooth and thick even after long-term storage. I use GRANDPRO with pleasure for different types of dough (especially shortbread), caramel, as part of other fillings - as a texture stabilizer».

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