at-home pastry chef Moscow

Pastry art for me is a hobby that has become a part of my life, my favorite job.

My profession is fashion design. Besides, I had been making ceramics for 10 years, teaching for 10 years too. After becoming a mother, I have devoted myself to the pastry art; all my creative abilities come in handy with it.


at-home pastry chef Moscow

(for 4–5 servings)

  • Chocolate sponge cake
  • GRANDPRO Cake margarine 60 g
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Wheat flour 125 g
  • Milk 150 g
  • Cocoa powder 45 g
  • Egg 1 pc.
  • Salt 0,5 tsp
  • Baking soda 0,5 tsp
  • Vanilla 0,5 tsp
  • Filling 1
  • Chocolate 100 g
  • GRANDPRO Cream margarine 20 g
  • Cream 20% fat 10 g
  • Filling 2
  • Colorful chocolate dragees 1 pack
  • Soaking
  • Cream 20% fat 20 g
  • Sugar 10 g
  • Decoration
  • Black mastic
  • Plastic or silicone wheel mold

Chocolate sponge cake

  • Pre-melt GRANDPRO Cake margarine.
  • Combine all the ingredients and stir well.
  • Pour the dough into a 13-cm diameter mold. Bake for 40–45 minutes at 180˚C. Make four or five sponge cakes that way. Cool them down.


Filling 1

  • Heat the cream; add chocolate and GRANDPRO Cream margarine.
  • Stir well until completely dissolved.
  • Cool to room temperature.



  • Heat the cream; add sugar.
  • Stir until the sugar completely dissolves.


Assembling the dessert

  • Take a chilled biscuit, cut a hole in it.
  • Soak the sponge cake using a silicone brush.
  • Add 2–3 teaspoons of chocolate; put colorful chocolate dragees on top.
  • Make a decor in shape of a wheel using a mold and mastic. /li>
  • Coat the top of sides with chocolate.
  • Enjoy your dessert!